It's always good to know something about the company for which you are entrusting your health. For over 27 years, millions of health-conscious people have been trusting their health to MDR.

Applying the latest discoveries about nutrients and how they benefit the human body, MDR's "thinktank" of Nutrition Experts, Physicians, and Chemists succeeded in developing a vitamin formula that revolutionized the industry.

Fitness Tabs, Our Best-Selling Multivitamin, is listed in the
Physicians' Desk Reference.

With its patented AM and PM dose for double absorption of nutrients, along with a complex of pure and natural ingredients, the Fitness Tabs soon made its mark by becoming the first nutritional supplement to be listed in the Physicians' Desk Reference. This prestigious listing immediately earned MDR the reputation of being a "physician's first choice" when prescribing a vitamin supplement.

Fitness Tabs is a scientific formula with the right amount of the right nutrients for optimal health. MDR uses nutrients in dosages recognized as safe and effective for daily intake in accordance with the National Research Council's 10th edition of Recommended Dietary Allowances–with an additional reserve to help compensate for lifestyle factors.

Shown above is a current picture of the
main MDR facility located in Sunrise, Florida.

MDR's 70,000 square foot building accommodates a full laboratory for research and development, bottling and labeling facility, shipping and receiving department, order processing division, customer service department and marketing division.

Everything is done on premises to ensure the highest quality control possible. All phases of manufacturing comes under the watchful eyes of MDR Physicians and Chemists to guarantee that each formula complies with their exact specifications. With the highest quality ingredients, a constant updating of formulas to include the latest breakthrough nutrients, responsive customer service, and knowledge of prevailing health concerns, MDR proudly serves a healthy base of over one million satisfied customers.

Most importantly, We are not just an online vitamin company.
We are here in our Florida headquarters to personally answer any questions and help you with your health and wellness goals.

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